NEXO - potential reversal, back to bullish price actions?

Dear Nexonians

After i watched the NEXO Chart for a while now i wanted to share my thoughts with you, because there are multiple signs of a HUGE reversal coming in the near future, if that happens i dont want you to miss that.

First of all we have to consider that BTC will lead most of the movements in the market right now, so BTC also needs a bullish continuation for NEXO to play out like that. We also have to consider that NEXO's perfomance itself just like announcments, FUD or technical problems could have a bullish as well as bearish impact on the chart. Now that we all consider these things i want to start with the explanation of my TA.

At the moment there are multiple bullish signs that speaks for a BIG reversal. The first thing i want to mention is the tripple bottom (red curves), as you see its similar to the most charts atm, also BTC had a similar triple bottom which already played out, so it looks like that this triple bottom had more weight than we thought and it seems like NEXO is lagging behind so i think this could be a important factor for the potential reversal.

The second important factor of this potential reversal would be the clear "W" pattern also known as "cameltoe" which is forming right now, if we break out of this pattern it could lead us to a even faster rise with big momentum, so the breakout would mean even more fuel for the way up. If that pattern doesn't play out like that, it wouldn't be a bearish sign it could just mean that we are seeing more sideways action in this channel before breaking out somehow.

In addition to these two factors, there is a bullish divergence which is also a strong bullish sign and with the other two factors it could lead us through this breakout because the resistance(C), where we at right now, seems kinda strong. So we need the momentum from the "W" pattern and/or triple bottom in addition with the potential upside correction from the bullish divergence to breakout and going to higher price levels or even to a new ATH .

If we breakout of this resistance C, i think the next battle would be between the D1 and D2 resistance because there is a strong demand and supply zone , so we will either going sideways between them or we going back to the resistance C to retest the breakout or to hold the line.

In my opinion we will only drop more if BTC does hard, in that case i think we will not drop more than the support A, anyways as long as BTC will move sideways or up i think we are in a very good position to get this BIG reversal. We also have to keep watching what NEXO itself does because a lot of the BIG movements in the past were around an announcement or a new feature.


I would love to hear your opinion on all this in the comments. See you there ;)


I believe it can get back into the top 100. Spot on that BTC will be trading sideways until we can finally break through the massive wall between 48 and 52k after the S&P 500 finishes correcting, could be weeks.
This is great