NFLX 1W Is the price of $860 per share real in the near future?

NASDAQ:NFLX   Netflix, Inc
Today, we will write down our expectations regarding the value of Netflix shares in the future, as well as a little bit tackle of the history of the company's development.

If you love reading business literature to inspire yourself for future achievements, then we strongly recommend that you read the story of "getting on your feet" once a small company Netflix that has been renting and selling VSH cassettes and DVDs by mail since 1997.
One year after founding, the owners stopped selling VSH and DVDs to focus on the initial idea of ​​renting discs and cassettes.
Their entire history is based on the "super flexibility" of executives who sensed the future trend of their market and acted ahead of the curve.

Here's an example of how a small then Netflix beat the giant of their segment — Blockbuster
The heyday of Blockbuster dates back to 2004, when the company employed about 60 thousand people, and the company owned 9 thousand points of rent and stores. In the late 2000s, Blockbuster faced strong competition from online video service Netflix and filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

Meanwhile, Netflix has expanded its business since 2007 by introducing online media streaming, while not closing the DVD and Blu-ray rentals.
Since 2010, the company has expanded from the United States and expanded internationally.
And since 2013, Netflix has entered the industry of its own content with the debut of its first series.
Now, there are plenty of competitors to Netflix , and we all know them and use their services, but the price of NFLX shares confirms their strength in the market.

If you narrow the chart, you will see that the NFLX share price has been moving in a dynamic channel upward since 2004.
In 2012, the share price bounced off the lower boundary of the channel and the $8 mark and began an upward trend that continues to this day.

In February-March 2020, when the entire market fell by 30-35%, or even more, NFLX shares fell in value only by -26%
However, the CoviD crisis was good for the company. Everyone sitted home and bought subscriptions to their services, and Netflix's stock doubled.

In fact, for the last 12 months, the price of NFLX shares has been in consolidation in the corridor of $475-575
Trading volumes are decreasing, which means that in the near future, the price will have a strong impulse.

There is a high probability that the momentum will be up, the price will break up and consolidate above $575, and the next target from above will be $860 per NFLX share.

An alternative scenario is a fall in the NFLX price to the $275-325 zone. This scenario will activate when the price breaks and consolidates below $475, and the first bell that it is worth refraining from longs will be the price approaching $500.
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