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I want to start by talking about something that I frequently see when trading and “how-to” trade is being discussed. The concept of trading having to be simplistic and not too complex, that the simpler your trading is, the better. Having a simplistic approach to trading is not realistic; you must balance trading between simplicity and complexity. There’s a reason why 90-95% of “trying-to-be-traders” never become or will be consistently profitable. Think of it in terms of having data; if you have limited data, your system or edge won’t be effective. Most likely, it will be random. But having too much data and information can be overwhelming and too confusing to do anything with it.

So the question becomes, how do you balance your trading approach between simplicity and complexity? We do this by understanding that trading falls into three categories. And by knowing the components and elements of each category, we can define the way we trade so that our decision-making and observations are guided by objectivity. Basically, a well-formed trading setup consists of these three elements.


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