NIKKEI225 LONG; Best of the G10, long term.

TVC:NI225   Nikkei 225 Index
Currently the best outlook of the developed markets.
- As opposed to the DAX and US Equities, the former being an absolute dog, the later under a mass delusion price wise.


E.g. If one must be long Equities, the proper spread would be LONG NIKKEI, CAC, SHORT Dow, DAX .
This spread has an annual 8%-10% advantage, including FX differentials, over any other G10 Equity Long!
Comment: Considering the demonstrable 6%-8% EU Equity advantage over US Equities AND factoring in the 5%-8% advantage of Asian Equities (including Japan) over EU Equities...
... and foregoing the somewhat intricate math (which couldn't type in here)...
Asian Equities have a demonstrable 10%-12% Annual Return Advantage over the US!!
This does Not mean that Asian Equities are "guaranteed to go up" but rather that in any event, they are a better investment, for better or for worse, than their US counterparts - considering all available factors, including the FX differential.
E.g. Long Japan/S. Korea / Short US is the obvious, correct spread. (...because no one should trust those Commie Chinese bastards! - Right?!)
Trade closed: target reached: FLAT - for now; +3800 pts.