NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Low effort 3 am post
purple box kind of a support
Yellow lines below it will act as support that triangle seems like consolidation
Pink dotted lines are the channel to the moon it's yet to fall from it if it falls them might start shorting or selling calls or whatever
It's is forming a bearish pattern on the long term chart but global cues are literally like you have a shit ton of cheap loan available and USA is a political shit show same with Britain, china keeps geting sanctions
Leeme know if you guys even read these so I'll put in a bit of more efforts
And everyone whose has been yelling overpriced
"Menhgi toh sharab bhi Hoti hai but peete hai na log"
And hai logo ke paas paise ISS desh me apan log hi gareeb Hain lol
Koi matlb Nahi short Karne Ka index
No massive correction 1-2% upar neeche hota rahega that's it
I turned bearing but after reading a shit ton of data kinda stupid to be bearish on India now