L1000X Indicator Final Version + Tutorial

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This is the final version of L1000X, it is complete until further notice
Added Histogram, will show you the true length of oscillations and reacts 6 candles faster than MACD in this experiment.
Histogram also shows the intensity of trend by height of candles and the color of histogram columns,


How to Read Histogram(Red and green column chart on L1000X indicator.):
-Dark Green-
Strong Bullish
-Light Green-
Light Bullish

-Dark Red-
Strong Bearish
-Light Red-
Light Bearish

How to Read L1000X Fast and Slow Signal Lines with Histogram for trading and investing ideas.

-Blue is Fast and Orange is Slow *Used color palette of MACD to be usable on any chart layout*

Cross down= Fast crosses Slow from above. Can indicate a reversal in trend, can also indicate trend continuation(bounce).

Cross up= Fast crosses Slow from below. Can indicate a reversal in trend, can also indicate trend continuation (bounce).

Buy Setup= Fast drops well below Slow

Sell Setup= Fast grows well above Slow

Swing over= The description of the full shape of a buy setup, wave crossing up, and a sell setup.

Swing under= The description of the full shape of a sell setup, wave crossing down, and a buy setup.

Crest= In a Swing over or swing under, a high momentum candle is proceeded by lower momentum of the same trend, can indicate reversals.

Scalp= A small swing over or swing under which is proceeding a bounce in the prevailing trend

Bounce= A swing over or swing under, in a situation where may look like a sell or a buy, but continues in direction of the trend. Fast may bounce off of the slow, or even away from it.

Prevailing Trend- Trend which has been indicated in majority of by the Histogram for the timeframe you are looking at

Confluence= when Histogram, Prevailing Trend and Fast over/under Slow all indicating of a reversal, to try to predict tops and bottoms

Thanks for your support! L1000X Labs
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