Bullish Filters for NIO

Today we will analyze the current scenario on NIO , and we will define what we consider can be a high-quality scenario in case we observe the following structure (confirmation idea). Please, it's important to understand that we are not saying "that will happen." Our trading approach is defining trading scenarios in advance and only trade if those happen.

Let's start:

a) The price has been moving around the broken ascending trendline. Can the price go above again? That would be key for the bullish perspective

b) Ok, what's next? If the price manages to go above the ascending trendline again, we want to see a breakout of the descending trendline (yellow line). There the price reacted and has been falling a 20%

c) So, what would be the perfect bullish scenario for us? A breakout of the yellow descending trendline followed by an ABC or ABCDE pattern above or in the edge. IF that happens, we think that a breakout above B would be a great confirmation for new highs. However, we should pay attention to the previous ATH .

We hope this was useful to create zones and trading plans. Remember, Risk Management is more important than any analysis or trade.

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