CITRON is giving a GREAT SHORT opportunity with $NIO

Citron following intraday trading strategy idea

NIO Limited designs, manufactures, and sells electric vehicles in the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

The share price is falling and gonna continue this trend today after the new Citron report publishing.

The demand for shares of the company still looks lower than the supply.

These and other conditions can cause a fall in the share price today.

So I opened a short position from $53,88;
take-profit — $44,37/MOC price;
stop-loss — $57, 05 .

Do not view this idea as a recommendation for trading or investing. It is published only to introduce my own vision.
Always do your own analysis before making deals. When you use any materials, do not rely on blind trust.
You should remember that isolated deals do not give systematic profit, so trade/invest using a developed strategy.

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Citron Research may need capital that it wants to realize by scaring investors. I think this is a fake story.
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KozakHlib ThePeterU
@ThePeterU, well, no matter) We can earn on these emotions.
+1 Reply
@ThePeterU, ya these shorts are just scammers. I cant stand people like this.
+2 Reply
KozakHlib ellisempirellc
@ellisempirellc, no matter, makret beleive in them.
"CITRON is giving a GREAT SHORT opportunity".

No. Instead Citron is giving bears a great opportunity to get screwed while itself takes short term profit from all the dumb asses blindly following their hit piece. Just a remind, those clowns did the same thing to Tesla in 2016. If you followed them back then you would had been royally fucked.
+3 Reply
@JimJJ, Hi Jim. I am a novice and just began investing. I purchased NIO in early September and have watched it grown the last month and a half. I'm very confused as to what is going on with the Citron? Can you explain? Is this a time to sell?
ellisempirellc jessierae2003
@jessierae2003, citron is a scam company. They tried this same thing with Tesla and Mobile Eye and it didn't work out to good for the shorts. Shorts aren't traders or investors. They rely on scams.
KozakHlib ellisempirellc
@ellisempirellc, well, you should study more - at some point they redecided what they think about TSLA and they = Citron issued the report with and advise to buy. It was before the 'reverse split' thing.
jessierae2003 ellisempirellc
@ellisempirellc, Hi, and thank you for the advice. What are your thoughts on Fisker? I have followed and bought into them also and at this point it looks promising! Thanks again!
JimJJ jessierae2003
@jessierae2003, First think for yourself.

If you bought NIO knowing the company and its market then you should be chilling like a cucumber.

If you bought NIO just because of the hype then you have no idea what you are doing, and you should not be touching stocks like NIO.