Easily will Surpass $120, Mark my Words!

NASDAQ:NKLA   Nikola Corporation
First off, please don't take this seriously or as financial advice. As always, this is on an opinion based basis. That being said, I been following this since it was $48, and then I saw it hit $52. 40 at noon. I knew this was going to blow up. Nikola has been blowing up. One of the biggest bull runs ever I seen for EVs . Now it closed at $73.27, and post market already grew by $14. The support is definitely there. I was originally going to say it will hit $100. It looks like it can surpass now even $120 quite soon.
Comment: Some people I mentioned to finally decided to take the risk and bited at $60/share few hours ago. Wanted to post this at noon, but TradingView had a 24hr post cap limit. Looking at past charts, lots of analyst didn't go long and just fear factored themselves. Could go to $150, but currently thing patterns may go to $120 then dip to $78 for a rebuy. If it goes to $150, dip can be as high as $110 post-resistance. Just my opinion, stay safe and do at your own risk.
Comment: Sorry for the typos, on my phone. But that being said, definitely on the watchlist!
Comment: Currently, this is still going insane. Can it go to $120? After-market hours are looking bad, and it seems people are overly speculative, that being said I still have at least a 50% confidence interval in my original opinion.
Trade closed manually: It is now at $74.47, I think most likely it will go through a bearish run and retrace towards $57. I see now 57% it will go down, 43% it continues bullish movement. Not sure if it is worth the risk given the financial projections and company stage isn't that strong.