$NKLA Nikola Corporation (Idea 2)

NASDAQ:NKLA   Nikola Corporation
3 Month View
Auto Fibs
RSI looks like its going back down but could easily now stay up

Interesting. I'm going in this long. I didn't buy so many but good enough for a double if it could reach to my $60 mark.. RSI to me is just a guess for the market to kinda breathe a bit but also dramatic draw for a 3 month view

Watched it at 20$ and was still in WKHS but I would of jumped in if I didn't put MAJORITY in WKHS with the GREEN positive :)




Does the RSI show that there is a minimum chance It can go up the price? All new to me but I try to learn. I saw on google that above 90 is overbought and it looks like the rsi drawing cant go higher. Is this a good indicator to ‘predict’ a long or short position? Krgds
InvestSmartWAAS Make_Money_Not_Friends
@Make_Money_Not_Friends, Hi. I only had shown the 3 month view.. The other views look great. Message me and ill send oyu pictures and explain if your also swing trading this company...