Nlc2/Usd next stop .5 cents!!!!!!

Nlc2 is one of My favorite if not My favorite coin out there. They have a great team and a great platform. This is an epsorts coin and also a poker coin. They have both an esport and and poker platform live now for over a year. (poker about 6-8 months) Nlc2 seems to have put in a reversal pattern ( inverse head and shoulders ) and no looks to start a wave count up to the north side. The firt big target I see on the charts is the .5 cent target. But I truly believe this coin has a great possibilty or surpassing its all time highs of about .50 cents. Like always take it slow and protect ur coins.


I still expect the chart ad target to hold up. But for the long run I see Nlc2 to increase by a good amount. This is one of My favorite cryptos out there. Not only does Nlc2 have a great fantasy sports platform that has been running for over a year and half now it also has a poker platform that has been running for around 10 months I believe. Plus they have a great team.