The comeback of Gulden

BITTREX:NLGBTC   Gulden / Bitcoin
Since januari 1 of 2002 people in The Netherlands had to start paying with the Euro as their main currency. Before that, the Dutch had the Gulden as main currency. Many Dutch inhabitants miss the Gulden because when the Euro was introduced, prices were increasing (Gulden was a much more sturdy currency).

With all this in mind a Dutch company created a cryptocurrency named Gulden (NLG). It's main purpose: paying method. The company wants the Gulden to become the main way of paying once again. A beautifull story, but they're not alone. So what makes this coin so different from the others?

As we speak they're working on Gulden 2.0, and it has some awesome specs: read about it on .
Besides this, I found out that Gulden might be one of the most user friendly coins out there. Their wallet is easy to download and use and they have a beautifull and simple exchange: . A lot of people have trouble understanding how to get crypto, but Gulden makes that a problem of the past.

On to the chart: clear triangle with great long and short term (short term will be posted as a comment) potential. With a market cap of only $95.306.917 USD, Gulden has a lot of room to grow.

Price target will be updated asap ...
Comment: Short term breakout on 15 minute chart
Trade active: We are already over 100% ROI. But I think this coin can do more than that. I won't be telling you that I am the greatest ate using fibonacci levels, but I want to see some (short term) targets. So for now I think there will be some resistance at 0.55 usd. So let's that as our first target :)
Just a little update on NLG. Just like all the coins, NLG also went down a bit due to the market correction (which might or might not be over). But it is looking good overall; I think NLG has itself settled in a great bullish position.

2 announcements that Gulden made:
- They are vouching for a cryptocurrency quality mark, which should protect people from investing in 'fake' of 'shit' coins.
- They working hard on making it possible to do SAFE zero confirmation transactions. This is good because then the transaction speed also will go up.


Bought when you made this... great call
MarkH99 Perugini
@Perugini, indeed, we're already looking at a 100% return. Will be updating this post very soon
Still bullish potential on this?
Jamesthebang CryptoRon
@CryptoRon, Very bullish. If you aren't in, you shoould get in. This thing has absurd potential.
Good call. IMHO, the Dutch people will rally around this coin.