The time is right for Gulden $NLG to fly!

BITTREX:NLGBTC   Gulden / Bitcoin
As a follow up on my previous idea (see link below), the Gulden sat price has failed to retest the 200 sats region and felt back to below support of around 50 sats . The lower price in the 20 sats regions has been retested again after which the price soared +100%. I believe it is time we see a price breakthrough with the following sat levels to be tested/breached:

Red line, 22 sats: support level
Blue line, 70 sats: first resistance level
Green line, 173 sats: second resistance level
Purple line: 415 sats: third resistance level

If the 70 and 170 sats regions can be breached, the price of around 400 sats is the nest resistance level as there are not much Gulden available in the price range of 200 to 400 sats .

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