Numeraire | Another 1 | With Numbers (Trade Signal)

I've given you so many of these charts...
My wish is that you enjoy them and find them useful.
Also that you make tons of money now and always and become ENLIGHTENED as you go.

Let's get started!

Here is another one; Numeraire ( NMRBTC ), we've been trading this one for long as well, many times over the years.

NMRBTC Chart Analysis

We just visited the support level that was hit back in January this year but the low is a bit higher, meaning a higher low.

Just today, for the first time since the September breakdown, prices are moving above EMA50.
This means that NMRBTC is getting ready to pay... I mean grow.

That's it, this is easy.

-> Buy-in: +/- 5% of the current price.
-> Targets: All levels marked on the chart above the current price.
-> Stop-loss: Weekly close below 0.000610.

That's it. It is easy.

The rest is just to wait.
You set your sell orders right after buying, then forget and come back one day and get paid.

Thank you for reading.

Comment: We are moving... Grow your Bitcoins while the correction is on.

Once Bitcoin resume growing, can be soon can be long, then you double earn.

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