The Age Old Greed and Fear...

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Greed is a powerful emotion, but fear the strongest and this chart shows that indeed trust comes slower than distrust.

The first and second period have about the same win/loss rate of 1,63%. The resulted in the first period for a gain of a whopping 3,121% in only 215 bars. However, the second period whipped 83% of that gain away and did that in just 107 bars, just shy of half of the 215 bars in the first period.

The third period of recovering resulted in a gain of 349% in 271 bars, however the fourth period destroyed 95% of that gain in 240 bars. That's 31 bars less than the third period, however the rate of loss was 1.24% opposed to the rate of winning of only 0.56%


Thank you for sharing, holding nokia and i think its a time to make a decision.
Thanks for your comment. First "idea" published.. thousands to come.. i hope! ;)