Momentum play on NQ 45-min via volume-weighted RSI

CME_MINI:NQ1!   NASDAQ 100 E-mini Futures

Simple overbought-oversold momentum play using NEXT RSI, which blends volume analysis with momentum. Volume weighing of the algo reduces the lag and improves accuracy over vanilla RSI as volume often precedes price action. This is a contra-trend (momentum exhaustion) scalping strategy - use order management (TP, SL, trailing stops) and do not trade signal to signal (e.g. long-short-long).

Strategy Rules:

- NQ Futures , 45min chart
- Long Entry when NEXT RSI crosses over 35
- Short Entry when NEXT RSI crosses under 65

Order Management:

- Take profit @ +$50
- Stop Loss @ -$50

Prerequisites and set-up:

- NEXT RSI configured to 21,3,65,50,35
- NEXT Strategy Visualizer configured to Signal Source: NEXT RSI , LE @ 35, SE @ 65

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