Still obssessed with NQ

CME_MINI:NQ1!   NASDAQ 100 E-mini Futures
I am a little late in posting this. I have been not posting as much the last week as work has been real busy. My idea was to retire in a year now from nursing. When my trading money equaled my yearly nursing salary I was going to retire. This would be next year. But now I have been asked to be promoted to head nurse of my whole hospital, which comes with big pay raise. So now I have a couple more years to work until my trading money is equal to my new pay. So I hope I don't get promoted again! LOL

This is a little late. But I had a supply zone marked in grey rectlangle. I was out of the market for most part last week, because I was waiting for NQ to hit this supply. when it was kept consolidating right below this I though it was headed for a big drop if it touch supply. today it finally did this. And now it is dropping pretty quick. I am not to get my hopes up yet, but so far so good. My target right now is sell 1/2 at 13414 if it makes it. If it looks like it is to stall I will take some profit earlier, and move my stop to breakeven. Then I will let it run. This trade is for me is probably going to be breakeven, or very big. don't know which yet. NQ will let let me know.

Good luck trading!
I hope you all the best :)

I will post more charts with triggers this week. Hopeful that work will be less crazy soon.

<3 Ms . Bunny