NQ Range (11-29-21) Grinder, Next Leg

CME_MINI:NQ1!   NASDAQ 100 E-mini Futures
The 11/20 call update and next Leg forecast. The sellers from 16300 broke the buyers at 16140 (took 4 hits). The Grinder Run from 11/10 (5.50%, 8 day) could of helped create the projected 7% Short to 15600. Should the 15900 level not hold, 15600 is likely. Big Action (Grinder Run), Bigger Reaction (Grinder Short). As usual, the downside PA has higher volume and is covering more distance in less time (Opposite of Grinder PA). Only Large/Strong support levels will hold this force. Will update KL's in the morning after other World markets show their hands'.
Comment: Intraday & Real time daily analysis will be needed for the 2 Way Trading OPPORTUNITY. Time to cash in as the markets set up next Trend. Below will show the September channel, potential targets should they pass Yellow & White lines. Depending on Intraday & Real time price action, 2 way trading may be back, should the NAZ decline further/for several days.
Comment: Get ready to Trade. The spreads are wide, Expect some crazy PA/Whipsaw action.
Comment: Overnight Propping was expected, look for NAZ to drop/test 16100 level. Should we NOT see 2 way PA today, stay Long as the NAZ will only continue to climb back, 16300 was a selling zone, should NAZ pass that continue to stay long. Mondays usually have a Long bias. On downside, after the Open the NAZ usually sells off the Overnight Prop and drifts lower. 15800 is good support and 15500 2nd level support.
Comment: KL's: Upper 16237 / Lower 16100, Trade in the opposite direction from KL's.
Comment: Open and 1st rejection at 16280, watch the level for Short.
Comment: NAZ will struggle to get higher and may go sideways to down.
Comment: 8:40 2nd rejection at 16280 could develop into Head Fake Long.
Comment: 2 way day, Short the NAZ under 16300.
Comment: 8:45 NAZ Hit 16280 and dropped to 16220, Short trade active Take Profit at 50 points or so.
Comment: Reload Short after TP and target 16180. 3rd attempt at 16280
Comment: 16300 Shorts/Selling is defending the level. Stay Short for now. 2nd Short form 16300 with TP at 16240. Reload with Stop at 16300. Most of gains only form Overnight, not good strength. Should NAZ break 1630, 16360 is likely.
Comment: Outside of Overnight Prop, NAZ is struggling to get higher. Heavy or any selling volume will take the NAZ back down quickly. Most likely Tomorrow as we are seeing a 1 way day today. May REC a 1-2 day Short Hold as the NAZ lifts slowly higher. NAZ may turn sharply lower by EOD. Short at 16360 to target 16300 for failure and further drop.
Comment: Short at 16350
Comment: Really betting that we start to see some 2 way days. NAZ up 100 points since Open and Shorts equal 100 points in gains since Open. Looking for a drop next.
Comment: Add to Short at 16370
Comment: Stay Short under 16410.
Comment: Strong Short under 16340.
Comment: When the NAZ stalls, look Short. Stalling at 16390. High Ticks, when turn look for Drop. Best time to Short. 10YN is dropping.
Trade closed manually: Looking for a 2 way day after a big drop and buy the dip (like today). This will be the sign that the sentiment and price action has changed. The direction change will be to the downside. Expecting that today or tomorrow. Will hold Shorts to Break Even or slightly off/over.
Comment: NAZ targeting 16530 on High end, should Drop not happen.
Comment: Adding Short at 16435
Comment: One way day since Open. Look for change into close.
Comment: NAZ Index pretty well extended.
Comment: NAZ looking like Top Mop. Next move should be lower, Let it run for next day. Overnight Propping is only risk. Expecting selling in Overnight for a change.
Comment: How to identify a Top Mop, Red are failed Buy Zones that fail to go higher. Lets see the heavy volume last 5 minutes. Should it break lower, usually start of turn.
Comment: Dropping 1 short for 30 point profit. Holding 2
Comment: Adding short at 16415
Comment: NAZ futures off VS others, may see some lagging or shifting Overnight. Strong Short under 16390
Comment: 11-30-21 Update, Strong Short drop to 16240 or 170 points. Top Mop Long Trap chart update, still holding 3 short. White arrow is ultimate Target for Shorts. Will cover Shorts if 16300 Holds, this actually was a previous selling zone so I would think it will not hold.
Comment: 12/3 Update, NAZ does hit the Lower 15600 Target, may see move up from here.

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