NQ Short (6-25-21)

CME_MINI:NQ1!   NASDAQ 100 E-mini Futures
Thursday was Intraday selling after Overnight propping and Open pop. Tonight, may see typical propping in Overnight, sell off prior to Open and testing lower. Fade rallies and buy dips. Last 2 Open's, NAZ is struggling after selling begins. Still not a major sell off in 4 days after the 3.30% and 460 point run, NAZ is due (normal, not bearish ) and it is Friday.
Comment: 14426 is upper pivot, NAZ may approach and any stall (no pass) look to short. NAZ may retreat some or much in order to create selling (Long accumulation). Looking at mid day or later. Should drop occur, watch for dip buying to snap back up. Other 3 moving and may create overall momentum.
Comment: Drop to 14313 may be the gathering of longs to take higher, watch the pop. Not feeling strong short. Long crawl more likely for now.
Comment: FAANG and 10YN are off, downside is developing as day unfolds.
Comment: 14330 is key level, over Long under Short
Comment: Good support at 40, momentum should lift NAZ:
Comment: From 55 should target 82
Comment: TL mid day, these will usually stop the NAZ in its tracks, patience:
Comment: 40 to 65 is channel that needs to give, under 40 Short and above 65 Long.
Comment: 40 held and building strength to get through 65, or not?
Comment: Low at 30 target 55 and needs to pass, not feeling deep short, just yet.
Comment: Long at 14340, target 14420. NAZ will not go lower and has Multiple chances too, go Long with 30 SL.
Trade closed manually: Weakness.
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Do not short if you don't want to blow your account.
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MAZing justleem
@justleem, We just don't Short at random, going long looking to Short is call. Will short if the set up plays out. The main drawing is an estimate or guide. I encourage more detail of others opinions, as no one individual has all the answers.