NQ - 15Min 8/9 Failure / Monday - Wednesday +++ VX

CME_MINI:NQ1!   NASDAQ 100 E-mini Futures
Not quite, the close was 15341, and although the .764
was violated and it did make a Lower Low
then the previous Session...

UnderTows, much like Under-Tows can be used as
Over-Throws are repeatedly.

The Week ahead for EPS is extraordinarily Important.

These will be the Companies that will have the greatest
impact among those reporting.

Monday - FB @ after close

Tuesday - GOOG / MSFT @ after close

Thursday - AAPL / AMZN / SHOP



All of these have a troublesome look to their Chart Structures
and Patterns.

FB & GOOG have the largest relative weakness. SNAP tool Social
Media and Online Advert down, FB / GOOG took a downturn.

FB spent Months attempting to break 300, it has Support there
as well, 323/324. Observing Implied VX ahead of EPS , we will
be SOH on FB into EPS .

GOOG - Chopping - Support 2300 - IF it Gaps down.

AMZN - SELLERs remain on a retracement, 3550 Calls should not Pay.
friday's weakness... the trendline failed - it struggle desperately to
cross it only to see it crushed Friday.

MSFT - Range-Bound at Highs

AAPL - Holding 50 SMA


This weak will wreck many Traders, the ALGOs enjoy a good thumping
during EPS .

Caution and Patience are warranted in the Extreme.

Price swings and VX will pick up as we move through the Week.

Wednesday may well serve to be a Pivot .

Enjoy the balance of the weekend everyone.