NQ Targets (03-14-22) Weekly Forecast

Not in early next week. Let's see how this works out. Thinking we are at/near Bottom for a bounce to targets mentioned. NAZ extreme low is 13030, looking for bounce near 13250 or 13100. Friday had the lowest Futures volume YTD, looking for a reversal off low vol sell day. May see some Propping action prior to big run up (Overnight at 3AM CT , usually), miss that and you may miss much of the bounce.
Comment: Inside the Index, White Line is Buy/Long and Yellow Dotted is Target. If the WL's do not hold, reverse to Short as we have Leg lower. I am expecting bounce for test up and this would be prior to any leg lower should the Up Test stall.
FNG (Key)
Comment: 1st target for NAZ on bounce is 14250 and pass/hold, next target is 15200 by Month End. Not sure we get there by Friday, with recent exaggerated moves, we just might. On Lower move, next major support is at 13000 & 12800.
Comment: Moving up, above 13426 would then target 13479. Above 15520 is Strong Long level. NAZ will need to stay above 13399.
Comment: NAZ at 13300, Look Long above 13265.
Comment: No Strength NAZ appears to be struggling. Play two Yellow TL's until break. Wait for retest if you go Short.
Comment: Go Long above Low. Just checking in.
Comment: 13200 is target.
Comment: Level could be buy zone of the week.
Comment: NAZ above 13015, should get a bounce. Needs to pass and stay above 13069.
Comment: NAZ may drop back 200 or so, prior to next move up.
Comment: War info gave the NAZ a 200 plus Pop. Key Levels today are, Lower bounce support 13595 / 13450 and upper 13825 / 13970. 13970 is Upper Channel Top. Current lift from 13595 may have weak support, may easily drop back some at Open.
Comment: FNG1
Comment: Tesla
Comment: Goog
Comment: AMZN
Comment: RTY
Comment: Apple
Comment: ES
Comment: MSFT
Comment: YM
Comment: Many Gap Fills above, all may retest lower.
Comment: 3-17, Look for NAZ to test 13750 1st
Comment: Go Short below 13900
Comment: NAZ will struggle at 13940
Comment: Add to Short under 13970
Comment: NAZ going in Grinder mode, Stop on Short or Hold, May drop/test later today.
Comment: See very serious drop developing for today, could be wrong.
Comment: Place Short stop at 14045
Comment: Stay Short under 13400, will retrace back up or take profit and reload.
Comment: Sorry 14000
Comment: NAZ is playing in 130M range, you should be reversing trades at each level, until break through.
Comment: Potential final move for Friday
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