Narrow day, most likely. Play to Short side and expect failed Pop's. The next move up will most likely happen over the Sunday/Monday Overnight Session. The 14200 is Key Level to next move up, next upper target. Long above and Short below.
Comment: Short under 14050 and Long above. Look for NAZ to have failed pass at level and Go Short near for drop to 13900
Comment: Long above 13990 for trade to stall (near 14050), then Short. Pop/Drop set up.
Comment: No Long if Breaks 90
Comment: from 93 Long to 50ish, at stall look short.
Comment: Load up Short at 14200.
Comment: Short under 14300
Comment: Triple Witch throwing it off.
Trade closed manually: No Short today
Comment: NAZ hit upper target, Triple Witch made it difficult to predict. Look Short next week.
Comment: NAZ may retest 13835
Comment: Long way to go, expect retest near lower end (not bottom).
Comment: I was expecting narrow day and looking for Overnight propping during Sunday/Monday, that did not happen. It came early, we may see that this weekend or the opposite direction since we are at Fib .382. Hard to predict knee jerk targets. NAZ will most likely retest lower some, pop and stall. This will be the signal for next direction change.
Comment: Monday at bottom I stated that a Long would be Trade of the week (check the notes). That was the ture. I addition to that 1 buy, we can take additional trades in both directions, and that is what I do. Followers need to pick and choose which they take. I highly doubt that many took that Long on Monday (too scared at that level). I am not perfect, I try and give trades for either direction and some are bad. Usually these get corrected. Have a great Weekend and we can only improve every week we trade.
Trade active: Typical bounce, we will see some good movement (both directions). The recent bounce is similar to the previous that did not hold. Either way, we will have a few thousand points of PA to work with.
Comment: Next Range of PA.

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