NTRA Long on Ascending Channel

NASDAQ:NTRA   Natera, Inc
- Strong uptrend confirmed by SMA lines 20>50>100>150>200
- MACD ticking up
- Force index ticking up and above 0
- Hammer confirmation (suppor retested and tail did not touch support)

- Hammer volume is relatively low. Ideally a higher volume on hammer would be prefered. I am currently testing the theory to ignore volume and rely more on force index . It make more sense to rely on price movement + volume to make a decision instead of just volume alone.
- The channel range is not broad enough to target 3R confidently.

Overall Trade Grade: 66.66% (8/12)
Uptrend: 2/2
MACD: 1/2
Force Index: 1/2
RSI: 1/2
Reversal candle: 2/2
Entry timing: 1/2

Comment: Trade looking good over the past 2 days been bullish

Good signs.
- MACD ticking up
- Force Index ticking up

- Hammer-ish candle on 13 Nov. Seems to appear abit too early after only such a short rally. I've looked deeper into that candle and it still seems bullish with huge buying volume towards the end pushing up the price.

Bad signs:
- None yet in my opinion

Conclusion: Continue riding it up
Comment: 14 Nov 2019

Good signs:
- Bear volume is small

- MACD ticking to about the same value

Bad Signs:
- Early inverted hammer
- Force going down