From $NVDA short trader to $NVDA bull trader.

Fibonaccivix Updated   

I am Fibonaccivix, many know me from my short trades on NVDA minds, many don’t like me that are probably reading this

Though many new that are reading this, will only know me as a NVDA bull from the reading of this

In this chart you will see my aced short calls on NVDA in which I loaded on a combination of direct puts and or NVD granite shares short calls ITM OTM options trades. I presented my cases as a bear and gave warnings to keeping open trades the entire time some heeded the warnings others didn’t. I know what I’m doing this is how I make money.

Now I present this case to the bears and short traders of NVDA and now I give them a warning.

Do not short this stock, you will lose.

It is now the worlds most valuable public company and may be that stability for the soon to be economic downturn:


Nvidia's market cap reaches over $3.3 trillion as stock rallies.

Demand for Nvidia's AI chips outstrips supply.

Nvidia's stock has nearly tripled in 2024.

The simple fact is if you bought this stock within 12 months with even a small investment you would be wealthy, they have split the stock again and now it’s rallying to higher highs and higher lows

Do not be fooled by the gaps, there is reason for that, so buying puts at those gaps is meaningless and you will lose money.

I am an options and stock trader I’ve been in the business for many years. I have people with hard feelings against me naturally for my short calls so I ask everyone to set those aside and for the bears to just don’t even bother.

I’m a buyer and investor as of today.

Hard times are coming and NVDA is not easily shaken.

During the 1930s Great Depression there were stocks that rallied contrary to the common belief that everything crashed

Examples below:
Container Corp. of America Packaging 37,199%

Truax Traer Coal Coal 30,503%

International Paper & Power Paper, hydroelectric power

People got rich holding these stocks during the worst of economic times.

Do not bother with FOMO or YOLO stocks you will lose money while you could have held NVDA with that same money and gotten rich.

*In the red boxes of my chart are the ranges I called and successfully shorted NVDA

*Green box potential target range on this fundamental and technical parabolic run

Trade active:
$135.20 buy in
And we’ve got a gap to $140


Sold $139.02 at the trend looking to rebuy the dip (I said don’t short NVDA, not don’t trade NVDA)
Don’t catch a falling knife, it might dip tomorrow to the 200MA hourly to activate a buy signal
As I stated 22 hrs ago to not catch a falling knife we’re currently at the 200MA hourly. My only concern is the MACD on the daily is dipping to cross bearish.

As I stated days ago don’t catch a falling knife. Currently waiting, trading below the 200MA hourly

Options are extremely dangerous investment tools you can lose everything.

Bought 117.22
well yet again it pays to buy when everyone is selling. Nice bounce. Nice work to everyone who bought while all the bears hecklers and negative people were naysaying.

Sold the bounce at $121

Trade closed: target reached:
Watching….. in money
Waiting not chasing
Buying $127 range
(This is not investment advice)
Currently trading below the green box, notice the time frame and how far it goes, you can’t get used to exponential moves in your favor like we saw to $140 within a short time frame, if your new to stock trading this is the way it is accept it or move on.

You buy and you sell.

I recommend trading only the stock as it’s obvious options traders are the ones getting the worst treatment right now.

Set your stop losses.

Let’s make money

(This is not investment advice)

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