NWCUSDT Targeting 5$

KUCOIN:NWCUSDT   Newscrypto / Tether
NWCUSDT Targeting 5$

Hello guys,

This is huge one, I actually dont have much to say but the coin potentials is says it all.

Price break major resistance and pull back is done.

Make sure to BUY in your bags and hold for at least 3x-5x

Price was @0.06$

Price was @ 0.19$

Trade active
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hi , most of his predictions go wrong.
we usually have a bad result in his vip group.
he banned me from his vip channel.
he did not back my money too.
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Excellent TA, and the market looks great for mid-caps to make some interesting moves.
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One of the best performing mid-cap coins in the last few months. MY midterm target is 10 USD for NWC. Expecting to see it soon.
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Great TA!! I have NWC loaded on the spot.
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