NWCUSD $2 target reached. Time for the big bucks now!

KUCOIN:NWCUSDT   Newscrypto / Tether
If you follow me for long, then you know that the coin I've been buying strongly is NWCUSDT . My secret gem hit the $2.00 that I've set on my two most recent posts, as shown below:

The question now for buyers but those who missed the train also is what the next target will be? I've personally set a medium-term target of $5.00 and in the Technical/ Fundamentals Analysis below, I will explain why.

** Technical Analysis **
As you see on the chart, NewsCrypto is replicating the aggressive parabolic move of July - August 2020. The LMACD is close to a Bearish Cross and if it fails, it will be exactly like on August 10. The CCI is also on the same Lower Highs break-out pattern of June - July. What followed after was a full month bullish wave within the 3.5 - 4.00 Fibonacci extension of the Channel Up that started during the consolidation phase (blue cup). If the same pattern is repeated then NWC can easily hit +5.00.

** Fundamental Analysis **
The great news don't stop just on the technicals but are seen on fundamental aspects as well. Here are the main highlights, all of which are on NewsCrypto's twitter page:

- The team has already deployed a testnet version of the DeFi platform and soon everything will be optimized for the mainnet version.
- BithumbGlobal has listed NWC .
- The much anticipated AI Sentiment tool will be released on May 5th! Free for all users! Brace yourself as it predicted XRP's closing price within 2 cents!

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TradingShot never disappoints! Nice call, been following this story from the beginning. Lets see 5 USD target!
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TradingShot LuckyTradez
@LuckyTradez, I don't disappoint because NWC never disappoints me! It is a wild run and I am happy to see more and more people riding it!
Awesome chart analysis, thank you! πŸ‘
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TradingShot financialflagship
@financialflagship, You're welcome flagship!
Nice TA mate. This coin is killing it lately. My first target is $10.
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@MarzoB, That's what I like to hear! Pure hodler's attitude!
Bullseye from the last TA !
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TradingShot TradesBySheriff
@TradesBySheriff, Thanks!