NXT potensial long

We all feel sorry for the bastards that bought into the hype of NXT before the airdrop. This also means NXT has a lot of bagholders, we will need to have this in our backmind. Currently the NXT chart has retraced almost 78% from the highs. If we use the fibonacci retracement tool we see that it did fall under, but quickly bounced up to the 0.786 fib number and seems to have find some support here. Its a little bit off so we also need to keep that in mind. The other thing we can see is that its seems to be consolidating within a triangle. The triangle isnt confirmed cus it didnt touch three times, but it seems kinda valid to me. We can possibly expect a new pump from nxt sometime. I currently hold no NXT and I wont buy any cus everything is a little off. But I will keep a close eye on this chart, and if it starts to breakout I might take a position that also will be updated on my personal twitter account. Final confimation will be if it breaks above the Ichimoku cloud .
Comment: Nxt broke down, as I stated I didnt buy any nxt, but if it finds support somewhere I might look for an entry.