[NXTUSDT +4.5%] Spectro™ M Bullish Reversal Warning

This is a signal using Spectro™ M

This is a moderate reversal signal since we have every single indicator but one in Spectro pointing towards the reversal.

The blue background is the trend analyzer telling you that we are entering a reversal zone.

The Specter Clouds™ predicts not only the oversold area but also predicts the sell target, it tells you how far off an organic move we are, so if you measure from where we are now to the top of the green cloud that's our 3.5% target.
As you can see from past trades the clouds can be very precise prediction future price.

The big green triangles mean that Spectro check 20 other indicators and they all agree in a reversal.

We can see a reversal candlestick appearing at the bottom.

So pretty much we have several signals that come before the confirmation.

We didn't have any Spectro™ M confirmations yet, but still, this is an asset that you might want to watch closely since Spectro™ M just triggered a bullish reversal alert and the downtrend is almost reversing.

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Jul 31
Comment: The whole crypto market dumped, pretty much all my SL were triggered :P
Aug 01
Trade closed: stop reached
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