NZDCAD – Big SELL opportunity in front of out eyes

2020 finally prove to be the time for NZD bull,.. I have been forecasting for a trend change to bearish for several weeks now, but rarely get a proper entry trigger and the price just continue to slowly trickle to the upside especially in this last 2 month that is quite choppy in my view. Will 2021 finally start to favor the bear?? This is a hard question to answer, however one thing that I know is from the technical standpoint it says so,.. and it will be a MASSIVE one.

NZDCAD price is now really at the top (high value area) of High TF ascending corrective structure. We close last week with a clear momentum to the downside. I see no other option to make use of this upcoming bearish trend beside from take the short entry as early as possible as it shows any sign of reversal.

I’m now waiting for just one more trigger for the price to confirm the move to the downside and trigger my short entry. I’m expecting the price to form a small bearish continuation structure (H1 or M15 depending on structure). I will take a short entry as the price break the bearish continuation structure.

Lets see how will this pair develop. Good Luck

Here is the MOA FX technical analysis , please comment below if you have any question.

The ENTRY in the market will be taken only if the condition of the MOA Fx strategy will trigger.