FX:NZDJPY   New Zealand Dollar / Japanese Yen
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we can see HAS pattern in daily, rebound from neckline, there is creating HAS in 4h, waiting for trendline break/HAS4h neckline
A thorough analysis of classic patterns. :-) What I'd like to add is that the current move up on H4 is probably likely to retrace now. If it does it to .382 only or falls short of it, then another leg up is highly probable, if it corrects even lower than that, then you'll have to wait longer for the situation to clear up. Anyway, I expect the JPY to strengthen in coming trading hours, so the correction would fit that scenario. That's why I agree that the trend line break might be a kind of safety option. :-)
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i am never sure with jpy, just TA idea :) yep, i agree to wait now, you know that there will be GDP released tomorrow, this can make things clear. btw..gpbjpy looks for me like bulkowskis descending broadening wedge, so maybe quick move up, like it was in gbpusd, without any bigger corrections :) not sure if the now forming triple top will hold.
itaskar itaskar
0,5 retreace long entry after any bullish candle pattern seems to be good for me, with stoploss below, first target trendline. Your scenario with upcoming yen strengthening looks good.