Weekly trend swing trading idea Nzd/Jpy

FX:NZDJPY   New Zealand Dollar / Japanese Yen
Hello Traders,

Here you can find my weekly trade ideas. They mainly serve to achieve a possible learning effect or to show other perspectives how other traders set their positions and act, should be very interesting. The focus is on the "point of view" (learning through seeing).

All trades amount to Fundamental, Economical, Mathematical, - Technical information.

In the 4 years that I have been trading now, I have simply learned that the trades are only as good as the information that is based on them, the higher the density of information, the better and more likely that the trade will work.

Every week on Sunday there is an update, because new information is published over the period. Depending on how these end, the trade is either closed "early" or it continues on its way towards TP (Take Profit).

CRV (opportunity-risk ratio) is ALWAYS 1 to 3.

Trading style includes hedge and trend based swing trading and position trading approaches.

Please use your own criteria (entry, exit,etc.) and don't be a copy, otherwise it won't work, find out which style suits to you.

My Trades are always Market Entry, like you can see.


Haave a nice Week :)
Trade active: No Change, Trade is still running
Comment: Trade still running, no Change
Comment: Possible Movement for next Week
Comment: NZD Economic at the Moment is Weakening, we save the Trade and reduce the Stop at 0,5 %
Comment: i Expect this Movement. If struture is Break to the other Side, i will update you.
Comment: Move like Expected
Comment: I Expect a bigger correction here. You can Close the Trade and take a later Buy Entry or you let it run if your Trading psychology is stable, decide by yourself. I wait for the next Entry and Buy a second Position if the fundamntals next Week allows it. At the Moment we have a 50/50 Trade probability.
Trade closed manually: We close this Trade, because its already not sure Enough to hold it for this Long. Fundamental Change.
Profit: +0,77% (+120 Pips)