NZDUSD |The best places to sell 📍

OANDA:NZDUSD   New Zealand Dollar / U.S. Dollar
Hello traders , Our goal in this analysis is to give you an overview of the future of symbolism.
In this analysis, we have a different perspective on daily and 4-hour timeframe analyzes.
In this analysis, we are still inside wave 4 at higher timeframes.
We considered wave 4 to be complex in higher timeframes, with wave z being formed.
Wave z is forming wave c and wave c is in an unknown state.
For this reason, as you can see in the chart, two possibilities have been identified.
Probability 1: The price is confirmed after breaking the red circle at the end of c-wave .
Second probability: Wave -5- from wave c, completes at point a = c and then the descending process begins to form wave 5.
If point a = c is broken, the probability of falling is greatly reduced.
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