NZDUSD 60 minute Channels,pitchfan,right diagonals and angles

FX:NZDUSD   New Zealand Dollar / U.S. Dollar
The scale LOCK is on, so you can zoom in and out without distorting the chart. You can also grab the chart and move it around. I wish the rest of you would set up charts with SCALE LOCK. Autoscale totally screws up the perspective. July 29 to .84435.
There are two channels at the end. One faces higher and the other follows the last 2 tops at the very top. If you want the angles in the pitchfan to spread perfectly evenly, just draw a circle from the 1st and 2nd pitchfan anchor points. Follow the curve of the circle with the 3rd anchor point to spread the angles evenly. The first up angle for the pitchfan anchor was 50 degrees. I also made a 40 degree down angle from the 1st point. It just happened that the median ended on my mark and also correlated with the 64/26 right angle (orange). These relationships will only show up when the chart is scaled right. The rotating rectangle tool is useful for setting charts up for right angles (it has 2 anchor points).