FX:NZDUSD   New Zealand Dollar/U.S. Dollar
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The chart has to be scaled carefully to make this work. EURUSD             , AUDUSD             and NZDUSD             all use arc swings. In fact I haven't seen any stock or currency that doesn't...especially in consolidation type of movement. If there are steep up or down moves then the other ratios are combined with the 1 arc. .874 and .764 are the 2 I like. Also look for .874 to 1 and then to 1/.874 or inverse. The 1 ratio in between. Obviously you would want to combine this idea with others to improve the accuracy for prediction. I use channels and sometimes angles. The problem with predicting is when too many possibilities exist for ratios. That's what I like about setting up single swing arcs that catch 2 points on the swing. Test it out and see how it works for you. In practice first. I think it's going up for another day or 2 before it drops.
You can zoom in on the end to see other arc possibilities.
Robert24 fourkey2013
You're probably playing on a 5 minute time frame and expecting direct movement from a daily. If you check what I wrote CLOSELY...I mentioned I think it was going up for another day or 2. Look at the the last arc and where the price is.
The other thing is you're in dire need of advice obviously because you keep blaming me for your losses. Go check out banker 928. I'm not your broker...I just offer my research. While you're at it...check out the other 500 chartists results on here. In case you haven't observed, playing the stock market isn't like being given candy. The majority of the chartists are wrong MOST of the time.
So do your own charting.