OCEAN is a buy at 1853 satoshis

Has more room to drop, but we have a strong support zone there. I will be looking to add alot when price reaches this level.
Comment: In my haste, I completely missed that there is also very strong support at the 2313 sats level. Basically, buy between 2313 and 1853, load up heavy, doesn't matter getting the price 100% right, the long term picture is more important here!

Comment: Hahaha, that was a scam wick.

Comment: Here is the 1 min scam wick on the BTC pair. Yea, big players are body slamming weak hands to get in on the cheap.


Yeah, there is good support down there, but let's realize that the price went below the trend line as BTC did a little flash drop, causing most all alts to do the same. I wouldn't expect it to go that far down on the btc pair.
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PontusTrader filipbronola
@filipbronola, you make a very good point
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