OCN BTC just long

How I said early - Odyssey now work just in long. We saw bottom before and now we going up.
Also you can see beutifull kine on RSI . You can work with this
Also we have pattern "cup", that mean that we moving up.
But most of all I use logic: nobody want to sell with this price, mane people have position from 100-150 and they don't want to sell with so big minus, but somebody want to buy on bottom and as a result we change trand to up.
I don't say that you must buy, but you must to understand, that we can't moving down, if nobody want to sell.

For big moving up we must broken green line. It's 80-81.

If you have some another think - please tell me about it in comments .
Have a good profit :)
Comment: When we broke 80-81 -- we going to 100