Next BEST Trades for XRP, EOS, OMG, XLM, ADA and OMG!!

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Trading Strategy: Martin Trend Trader

Update: Hey everyone! In this video I'll go over the next best trade setups for XRP, EOS , XLM , ADA and OMG using the Martin Trend Trader. We have the Trend Codes set up on our charts, the alerts are set, and we are ready for profit! So many of the altcoins are ready to burst forth with profits and if you have the Martin Trend Trader set up on your chart you will not miss any of the breakouts. When these breakouts happen, our trades will be able to get in at rock-bottom prices as you can see from the past trades on the chart. Below is the indicator we're using to make these gains. It's called the Martin Trend Trader and we think you'll love the success it brings you! Enjoy the profits!

Get the indicator we're using:
Martin Trend Trader

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why you wrote Short but talk Long?:)
TradeIndicators goodplanet2012
@goodplanet2012, Great question! I wrote short since that is the current market condition of the Alts covered in the video. When they go long I will put long :)
we are going up bud
TradeIndicators JevonJeweather
@JevonJeweather, Yes we are :)