POLONIEX:OMGUSD   OmiseGO / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
as I expected, the price of ETH reached 4400.

I expected it, I did the math to "calculate" it.

it is in my idea related linked below this one, check it out.

about this one...
IMO OMG could reach 80 USD.
so, If you DO NOT know what to do or expect from ETH now, you should consider checking all the other ideas I had about cryptos and consider switching to one of them that haven't yet seen the rise to +200% from their ATH in 2017

i CAN NOT assure you specifically this one will reach 80, neither it will stay on the green channel, neither holding this when seeing -40% (it could, it's crypto volatility :D), tho, as I said in a previous analysis,
i have put the STOP LOSS AT 6.5 USD (considering my entry point at 11 USD, its almost -50%)

in the end, trade, do it, but with something you can afford to lose.
AND... pls: use stop loss. in the crypto's world prices can rocket down as fast as they rocket up.
Trade active: OMG can go down as low as 6 USD, tho for ETH, IMO it is just the top and will stay that high until bitcoin will stay up too. then ETH will just follow BTC in its crash.

search for ALTs, it is the only thing to do now.

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