OMG 1D The graph shows critical volume, what does this mean?

It has been a long time since we have had an idea for OMGUSDT. It is not very interesting for trading for us, probably, because of small daily trading volumes and low liquidity in the market.
Nevertheless, today we are going to describe some scenarios for the lovers of OMG, because who knows when we will have time to describe this pair.

The most important thing that you should see and pay attention to on the chart is a burst of trading volumes. In the OMGUSD pair, it occurs precisely on changes in the direction of price movement. We have visualized the main changes on the chart.
Yesterday we had another critical volume , so buyers should be alert.
Also, the daily candlestick made the false-break-down of the level of $9.50, like in August 2020, and you can see what happened next on the chart.

So, there are 3 scenarios:

1) Maybe by the end of the week there will be a shot of the price up to the area of $10.70, but here you decide whether the game of candlesticks
2) Below $8.60 there will be room to fall to $6.60. If there buyers will buy back the falls and there will be a positive view of the crypto market, then you can dream of a scenario with the renewal of this year's high)
3) Continuation of falling below $6.60, to the area of $5
Do you like the idea fulfilment? Does it help you trade and make a profit?
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