The beginning of the uptrend in Wave 3 with target of $ 40


The first uptrend ended in the range of $ 9.82, in continuation, the corrective movement of that has finished in the range of $ 1.96. By drawing the channel line, we can set a $ 40 target for this token.
In the daily chart , the first 5 ascending waves which were able to cross the end of wave B, confirms the uptrend (wave 1)

( Daily Chart )

In the 240-minute chart, the first wave count from the uptrend waves and its corrective movement has been specified. By crossing the price from the specified trend line , we can get the confirmation for the uptrend. Needless to say, the main confirmation can be received by crossing the price from the range of 6.94, which should cross this range with 5 ascending waves.
*Finally, my personal strategy:
I will go long when the trend line is broken.
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