OMG - Flashing classic signs, the bullflag may be about to go

I've covered OMG a few times: classic bullflag coin that sits and does nothing before blowing everyones mind for a week and then disappointing everyone who bought in at the top over the new few weeks. "it'll come back up don't worry!" yeah in 6 months - 1 year.

Couple of huge similarities are showing up with the last time we went to the moon:
  • RSI has been consistently strong without getting overbought, the main indicator of the bullflag on OMG being about to pop historically.
  • Volume has cranked up to 11
  • pump and create an upward channel --> get rejected @ upper resistance --> next move historically is to bust through the channel and add to your bank account with an extra zero or two.

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Thanks for the graph and hope you provided :)
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@metelci, Thank you for the comment and support! Wishing you great profits.
wow interesting chart and explanation! looks indeed very similar to next pump, lets hope it repeats, what level do you think this pump will reach? I would be happy with 6 dollar.
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reggiogeorge Funfunction1
@Funfunction1, Thank you for the feedback! The last two times the bullflag popped these were the results:

other factors: the overall Market cap has literally doubled since then, OMG's market cap is a meager 540ish million. And the best part: OMG's ATH was $25 way back pre binance.

All these factors make me think, against all my natural impulses mind you, we might see something like 600% gains? My take profits the blue hashed lines either way.
Funfunction1 reggiogeorge
@reggiogeorge, thanks for the further explanaition/motivation!
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