ONEUSDT - Bullish on the weekly timeframe

BINANCE:ONEUSDT   Harmony / TetherUS
Chart (and project) very similar to ZILUSDT on the weekly.

Cup and handle formation on the weekly. Could retrace upto $0.015 after reaching $0.024 on the high. Right curve of the cup seems to act like the support, but can change.

Setup invalidated if:
- Cup and Handle formation is broken
- Fails to break $0.024 resistance
- Bounce fails on the $0.015 level

Targets, time frame and retracement levels given on the chart are for reference and not accurate.

This is a noob idea, I am nowhere close to an advisor. Please DYOR and DD, You are responsible for your own profit or loss.
Comment: Probably stretched the handle formation a bit too long.

If all goes well, we can see Harmony reaching $0.035, not later than March-April of 2021.
Trade active: Going strong so far


Parabolic failed before cups and handle
Could you explain to me why it will go down at 0.02422 ?
@anonycoin It's a cup and handle formation on the weekly. Theoretically, once the cup formation is complete, it will form a handle - which is the retracement to about $0.024

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