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The increase in price may also be explained by positive developments including:

April 27: Official publicised Launch of Smart X. This enables users to program, debug and deploy smart contracts on testnet. It supports NativeVM, NeoVM and WASM smart contracts in C# and python. 

April 28: Ontology open sources it's VBFT protocol which offers massive advances over PoW and BFT 37.84% -13.16% protocols. 

May 3: Ontology announces a strategic partnership with NAGA with the intention to bring the Ontology infrastructure to the massive financial technology markets. 

May 11: Security Giants Baimaohui and SlowMist Join the Ontology Co-Builders Program. This aims to provide security audit services, support the development of public chains, and promote safe, secure, and reliable blockchain infrastructure. 

May 14: The Ontology Foundation and the NEO Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding on May 14th, 2018, concerning strategy and technology integration. 

May 24: Following the signing of the MoU, the Ontology Foundation and NEO Foundation have announced to co-fund a Joint Task Force with a total capital contribution of 4 mill CNY -0.70% . 

May 25: Ontology Announces the Economic Model Design of the Triones Consensus System. Based on the Triones Consensus System, the Ontology team uses: 1. ONT -1.90% a cryptocurrency coin of main chain services & ONG             a utility token of main chain operations. 

May 29: Ontology establishes Strategic Partnership with COT ( IoT 0.00% 0.00% technology strategic partner.). Under Ontology’s strategy, Ontology and COT will co-build a platform combining Ontology’s chain network model and COT’s IoT 0.00% and intelligent hardware. 

June 4: Ontology Launches Ecosystem Accelerator Program (Ontology Olympus Accelerator). The Ontology Foundation will invest approximately 1.5 billion USD worth of tokens, all of which will be used to support the future development of existing startups. 

June 5: Ontology and PTS Announce Strategic Partnership to Build a Blockchain-Based Credit Data Exchange and Financial Services to Empower Real Economy. 

June 6: Ontology announces the first batch of the Ontology Advisors Group (OAG). The advisors will provide a full range of strategic and industry consultancy for the Ontology ecosystem. 

June 10: Ontology announces token swap in conjunction with mainnet launch. 

June 12: Ontology Enters the Automobile Industry with CarBlock Partnership. CarBlock will build a transport data platform based on blockchain technology and vehicle network intelligent hardware. CarBlock will use data to tap into the one trillion US dollar -0.48% -0.06% automobile market and create a brand new smart transport ecosystem. 

June 14: Ontology successfully switched to VBFT on Tuesday. Performance tests are showing tps of more than 5,000 without parallel processing, sharding, or FPGA

June 19: Ontology and Contentos to Collaborate on Public Blockchain Solutions for Content, building a new global decentralized digital content ecosystem (distributed infrastructure with video applications and people). 

June 25: Onchain wins the Microsoft -0.06% Accelerator Shanghai Graduation Award. 

June 30: Ontology notes that it will commence a token swap on June 30 with ONG distributed to all token holders. 

(NEW) July 11: Ontology Enters Gaming Industry with Partnership with Cocos. Cocos has 1.1 million registered developers around the globe and 300,000 monthly active developers across 200 countries and regions. Games developed on the Cocos engine cover all game types on the market, which accounts for 30% of global market shares and 45% of Chinese market shares.

(NEW) July 12: Ontology Adds IdentityMind Global to its Partner’s List to Perform Know Your Customer.

(NEW) July 17: Ontology announces its cooperation with CertiK, a well-known American formal verification company. Both parties will work together in formal verification and enhance the security and reliability of smart contract and blockchain systems.

(NEW) July 27: Binance completes Ontology mainnet swap.

(NEW) July 31: CoinMex lists Ontology.

(NEW) August 2: Ontology, formally announces their strategic cooperation with Adrealm, an open ecosystem network for digital advertising.

(NEW) August 9: OWallet, Ontology’s official desktop wallet, has been officially released, including Ledger support.

(NEW) August 15: Spuul, Movie Platform with 60 Million Users plans to build new dApp Spokkz on Ontology

It is believed that a surge in volume is driven by Ontology's the developments listed above and broader recovery in the crypto markets. 

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