Why not use the left-side trading strategy

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Investment has always been diversified, many people choose to bargain, low suction and high throw; some are on the right. The method is not good or bad, but for different markets, we should choose a suitable way, rather than mechanically mechanically.

Buffett is a typical left investment, many times he can hold for ten years or more, so everyone respect him as the god of shares. But that is the fundamental logic, there is the target of long-term investment value. But in the digital currency market, altcoin does not have solid fundamental support, so the left trading method may bring huge losses.

I made a simple count on the weekly chart, where most altcoin s have fallen over 70%, but is that the bottom? In the last bear market, altcoin mostly fell 90%. Regardless of the time cost you need to cover, that is, there is 20% in space. If your source of money is borrowing and using leverage, how much pressure will you bear? The reason why many people can not maintain a good attitude is not that they are naturally urgent, but under the pressure, can not maintain a good attitude.

Therefore, I have always suggested that you use the right trading standard, on the one hand, we can avoid the uncertain time cycle, many times, at the bottom will be sideways for a long time, even if you buy a low point, but can not make profits, that is, lose the opportunity to invest in other targets, will also let their doubts, resulting in the imbalance of mind.

Summary: For the lack of consensus, lack of fundamental support, lack of institutional funds, we should adopt the right-hand trading strategy.