OSIS Buy for long term, until like 2020 Reason read description

NASDAQ:OSIS   OSI Systems, Inc
After the shooting in Las Vegas, I've been researching and came across some posts on 4chan, which is know for trolling, breaking stories that end up being true, and a lot of advanced stuff that not even the cia can do.

There was a poster by the name of John back in sep 10 he said that if you live in Las Vegas you may want to avoid large crowds cause special interest have their interest in las vegas (massacre). And if you live in that area you may want to stay away. He said it would have happened the following day but if it didn't something was definitely gonna happen soon.

What does that have to do wth this company? well these people make metal detectors and their hope is for regulations to pass to have these put in casinos, then into schools and any where you could think of. Plans are for 2020 to sell stock and merge with another company.

If you want to see the post search 4chan john Sept 10, I'm sure you'll find it in the google search. As you could see the stock has been rising.


I'm there with you on that one.