paxg vs butoin hedge through fractale or art pump theivvery

KRAKEN:PAXGUSD   PAX Gold / U. S. Dollar
Comment: Paxg Bitcoin Hedge !? Fared well last rounds.
Pertaining to the actions of
#Tether #COVID19 #Stimulus #bailouts
about 33% of the market cap was Infused through Great Intelligence or the exact contrary?
80/20 833 Billion?
-We Collectively Must anticipate or seek a understanding to our new price discovery,
-Consider our vulnerability…
As well as recognizing
-The Shear Force of collaboration !!
-We will see a large portion of that fiat Pulverived, Boosting the Dollar's Worth, Backing up reserves, and Securing the future for , Corp's,Groups,Countries?
-Forcing The #SEC who is very late to the game
(Right on Time) to call fair play on both baseball,soccer and football fields. #china banning bitcoin,.#currency #war
-Many of these coins are just Smart Slots.
-Educated or not,
Most of the last year we have been trading Vs AI "systems" Some with limitless liquidity$$,
some deploying #tech that is able to not only Display Short & Long's but also Leverage placed Positions over Several exchanges but act alone in It's programmed motive. #BNB . Quite the Year. SB 05/23/2021

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