TenX Pay breaks resistance and attacks next resistance.

BITTREX:PAYBTC   TenX Pay Token / Bitcoin
We successfully breaked to Resistance AGAIN. After 2 attacks on the new resistance, we failed and retraced back.
Now we are attacking again.
Trade active: just like a copy from earlier, after 2 Attacks on Resistance, we dropped below first resistance.


Lets hope we break that think if we get some fundamental support we will have lift off !!
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@JeanneRSA, definitely. I think a new support builds up slowly. This is just a matter of time for a lift off!
Now that we've failed again, should we bail or expect another attempt to break the resistance anytime soon?
@Leiyun, definitely not bail. Monaco, TenX biggest competitor delivered Cards with no "Visa" Branding and the name "Visa" disappeared from everywhere. This can lead to interesting results.

Also check out my TenX Monaco comparison:
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@CRYPT0NAIRE, hah, that might indeed yield some fascinating results. Hope it does! I did nót handle my tenX investment well..
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@Leiyun, they actually seem to be pretty correlated. Check out the drop of Monaco while TenX rises. And then the drop of TenX while Monaco retraces up. This is very interesting.

I´m not saying "ALL IN" on TenX but it will not hurt to put a nice amount in here.

Remember, if TenX performs half as good as Monaco we are talking 1000+%. If now we have Monaco Value swapping over to TenX - This is a ticking time bomb!
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Ive done all or nothing all the time (away with common sense!) ..but

now I'm scared :'D will perform a rain-dance till your 1000% prediction comes true

Another day in crypto, another grey hair
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@Leiyun, hahaha yes, crypto makes someone greedy fast! You can become rich VERY quick but you can loose all very fast too.

i´m personally ALWAYS with around 10% of my portfolio in Altcoins 90% is in Bitcoin. However, there are times where i raise the altcoin limit to 20%, but that is really the maximum.

thats, a good idea! lets summon these 1000% !!! :D

and yes, thats a matching, great quote!!!
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Also check out my TenX Monaco comparison, to see what potential TenX has: