NASDAQ:PAYS   Paysign, Inc
Bearish: if PAYS stock can break the red upward support it will continue on the downward trajectory shown by the fib stencil. Key levels of resistance should be looked at using the fib tool if another downtrend happens. the reliability of the break of key red resistance line would be should with both RSI showing a clear pattern change and also MACD showing a bearish crossover showing a bear trend would be confirmed. Price action always comes first though!!!!! WAIT for the Break and a slight pullback may come after, but hold tight and keep the stop losses at desired risk tolerance.

Bullish: Pays will continue its upward trajectory on a smaller time scale shown by the red line upwards. it should remain fairly choppy as the fib tracement is not perfect the price is in choppy action part of the tool. If the red trend line holds a trader could play a bounce off of the trend line to confirm a uptrend on a very small scale. and the uptrend at this scale shown to increase odds of maximum trend reliability.
Comment: for bullish move, I would expect first serious resistance and sideways actions at the peak price action volume line shown.