AMEX:PED   Pedevco Corp
Gap up
1. if below 3.20, i prefer short the stuff at 3~3.20 risking off high
2. if above 3.20, i prefer long the washes or wash and reclaim of 3.20
3. if above 4.00, i consider extended and would rather look for short from 4.00~4.20 risking off high

Gap down,
1. if above 2.60 , look for any pop towards 3~3.20 to short stuff. risking high
2. if below 2.60, look for pop towards 2.60~2.80 to short stuff, less size
3. if reclaim vwap and hold around 10+, consider long

Stay within Range
1. if stay within range, i will be reactionary and look for stuff for short or vwap hold after 10 for long. Prefer short more due to consolidation area between 2.60 ~ 3.20