PEL Bearish Volume Spread Analysis VSA

1) After a strong up move there was a huge volume but the spread was minimal. but yet the price managed to close in the middle. It could have been the buyers re-entry point
2) There should be a follow through in the up move, but the stock went up without any volume , this can be either buyers withdrawn from the accumulation or the previous volume shall be sellers absorbing the demand.
3) followed by a down bar
4) There was a clear test of supply as shown with a very small volume denoted by letter 'a'.
5) The test indeed is a successful test, We have one more test closing well below. again it is a successful test look at the fall in the stock.
6) It is a no demand up bar, followed by bearish candles.

Now we have a area of support at 2630 region lets observe the price action in that region and come to a conclusion of further fall.
Have this in your watch list guys!!!
Comment: As expected we got a immediate support from the demand zone. This demand zone, has a test of supply candle at 13:45 which is a failure, tomorrow we can again test the same region. to absorb if there is any supply. if the absorption succeeds then we can go long. till then we wait
Comment: The temporary short move was stopped by the demand zone we have drawn, and the stock made a high of 3018 from 2633 in three days